Questions & Answers

What will I need?
Nothing! I will bring everything I need!

What is your arrival time?
The photographer usually arrives 2 hours before the ceremony. The arrival time of the photographer is my finish time. I will notify you of the time about one week before the Wedding. It is your responsibility to inform the Bridal Party.

Is there a certain order?
There is no order to the day. I ask that everyone be there at the start time. Anyone who is late may result in us not having time for them. It runs more smoothly this way.

What is the instructions on Hair Preparation?
I ask that the hair is washed and blown out smooth the night before, with NO flat ironing and NO products. If your hair tends to get dirty, you can wash it that day, with a light conditioner and the hair fully dried by the time we are ready for you.

What if I have natural curly hair?
If you have natural curly hair, you are welcome to use your natural curl, but I do ask that you only put in a very light product, so I am able to work with it. Please no gel or hairspray.

Is there anyway to add length and fullness to my hair?
Yes! We rent out extensions! Please ask for available colors!

If I rent extensions from you, how do I return them?
I will bring an addressed and stamped envelope with me the day of your Wedding. All you have to do is put them in the bag and drop them in the mail. You have one week to return them to me or a $100 charge will apply. I need to have them washed and dried for other Brides that rent them out. So I ask that you return them asap!